Can Wellness come through Change?

Wellness can come through change if there is an indeed real change. Change denotes the opposite of what is or even something that has not been considered as a route or direction. A change of pace, change of time, change of color, a change of direction and the most popular a change of mind. Here are the complex ones, a change of dimensions, a change of perspectives, a change of views, a change of position. One of these changes will make a difference in the life of the beholder, however the degree by which the shift takes place is in the hand of the individual with the opportunity. Most will say that when opportunity knocks they will be ready, that remains to be seen, and it will only come into view when the person positions themselves to be a benefactor. The example: The new position opens up and its the opportunity of a life time and it requires a move to a different city for training, then you return.

Most people say they have to weight the pros and cons and from there make a decision. But if they were really ready for the opportunity of a life time, they would already have their proverbial bags packed. Can we as human beings life with the proverbial bag being pack at all times? I am going to say YES. Why do I say YES, because we all have that feeling deep on the inside that is driven by purpose. What’s your purpose? Only you can find that out. But whatever it is, inside the proverbial bag will be everything you need to be successful. All of the courage, the mental fortitude, all of the strength to pioneer your way to a great and bright future.

I believe that some have gotten sick from life. Not cancer, or any of the other terminal illnesses, even though the older we get the more susceptible we become. But the changes we/ they should make a the different stages of life, have not been made, and the sickness grows worst and stronger. Only if the proper steps are made with each new stage will there be an level of wellness accessible. Wellness comes with those refreshing inspirations they are the winds that keep your ship sailing. The peaceful thoughts that accompany the inspiration freshen your eyes lighten your foot steps and keep your load bearable. Without a bag being pack your never prepared for a journey whether its for a weekend or the rest of your life, the proverbial bag keeps you optimistic.

Just thinking out loud, thanks for reading Dcaro.

Restore Balance with Meditation, Dcaro Custom Colognes, Columbus Ohio

How does one get off balance or out of balance? Good question the first thing that I’d like to cover is balance, balance is defined according to as:

1. a state of equilibrium or equipoise; equal distribution of weight, amount, etc.

2. something used to produce equilibrium; counterpoise.
3. mental steadiness or emotional stability; habit of calm behavior, judgment, etc.

4. a state of bodily equilibrium

5. an instrument for determining weight, typically by the equilibrium of a bar with a fulcrum at the center, from each end of which is suspended a scale or pan, one holding an object of known weight, and the other holding the object to be weighed.

6. the remainder or rest

7. the power or ability to decide an outcome by throwing one’s strength, influence, support, or the like, to one side or the other.
Balance is the state of equality, everything is equal there is harmony. When there is a lack of harmony there is confusion and chaos. Balance is everything is running smoothly, all parts are doing there job not one is stressed or overworked. Balance is strength, sufficiency and ability working together each keeping one another in property polarity. Balance is direction and having the Cinergy.
 With balance anything is accomplishable but balance must be guarded, because when it is off or out something is needed to bring alignment. The aligning factor is meditation. Meditation is key even when there is balance with out it when things go chaotic proper meditation will not be within grasp. Meditation is when a person moans, growls, utters, muses, mutters, devises and speaks something. Meditation is when you murmur in pleasure or anger, to ponder and imagine. One can meditate on goals that have been set, expected outcome or desired adventure, however true meditation is spiritual. Getting the proper spiritual inspiration is when the optimum balance can be acquired through meditation. Accomplish much through meditation and focus on yourself your present and the future near of distant.
Go get your balance! Dcaro Custom Colognes, Columbus Ohio
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Citronella Young Living Oil, Columbus Ohio

citronella oil

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Cinnamon Bark Young Living Oil, Columbus Ohio

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Cinnamon Bark essential oil promotes a healthy immune response, and helps maintain a healthy lifestyle regimen*. Cinnamon has been used traditionally for thousands of years as a spice, and provides a spicy and delicious addition when cooking or baking. This oil includes the naturally occurring constituent cinnamaldehyde, and is an important ingredient in many Young Living products including Thieves®, Abundance™, and Inner Defense™.

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Imprisonment won’t kill you

The thought of imprisonment is a horrible thought to think. Who wants to be caged up? No one not even animals. But imprisonment is a real thing that people face everyday. Imprisonment is defined by as the following:

  1. to confine in or as if in a prison

So, if prison is the same as to confine imprisonment can be of the mind, the emotions, the choices and the creativity. The definition eliminates freedom and that scares many people. The topic says imprisonment won’t kill you and it will not. However it can if you give up and die. Imprisonment resembles all the times in your life when you could not do something that you really felt you had the capability to do. The passion did not go away you just purposed in your mind that one day you will. Imprisonment made you build determination to be successful, how so? You are forced to plan the event plan the steps you will take to ensure that you have the experience of a life time when you get the chance. You store the event in your memory banks and when the opportunity is presented the entire event will replay and will be executed flawlessly. The restraints force you to think of every possible thing that could get in the way the next time and you plan the contingencies so the show will not be stopped. The only thing wrong with prison it make those who do not understand its purpose regret it and they plan to get even and not ahead. Imprisonment makes you desperate makes you hungry makes you thirsty makes you dream for the day to express all those feelings you have had to suppress.

Don’t waste your opportunity to shine when the opportunity presents itself, you deserved it, you suffered for it, now make it count. Dcaro